What is a "Sacred" Raw Vegan Diet?

A Raw Vegan Fruit based diet (801010 style) includes fruits, vegetables (especially leafy greens) and some nuts and seeds if desired. This diet is composed from the most energy dense (not calorie dense) food on the planet. When your fruit and vegetables are fresh and ripe they are able to raise and maintain a very high vibration in your cells. Healing, balance, peace and emotional growth must occur. There is no more vibrant and living food that you could nourish your cells with.

A Raw Vegan lifestyle is easy and very comfortable. Meal preparation is minimum and taste and pleasure is at it's maximum. We feel as if we feast at every meal with delicious food. Even if we prefer to eat simply on daily basis, we also love to prepare some more fancy and sophisticated dishes such as more complex salads, soups, pestos, patés, desserts, cakes or ice-cream, and many more... (all low in fat)

This wonderful diet and lifestyle is very joyful and full of abundance. 

For new to this diet, be aware that it will clean you physically and emotionally. That's why it's recommended  to get some help from experienced therapists ( at least 5 years on the diet or more) that has got through the same experience that you're facing now and can guide you with wisdom and knowledge...

Still hesitating about trying a raw vegan diet? Try it just for a month and you can trust me, you're life will change !!! After all, you can always come back to your old food later! You have nothing to lose!


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