Where do you get high quality Raw Produce?



I like to take sometimes kelp noodles with my salad. That changes a bit especially during winter time when there is not so much variety of raw fresh and nutritious vegetables. I like to soak it for at least 24h in the water in the fridge to have it a bit tender.1 package makes 2 to 3 salads or more in addition to other vegetables and greens.

You can purchase your kelp noodles here:

Kelp Noodles

Local and Exotic Fruit

Citrus Fruit directly from Spain:

Visit: Naranja Directa

Write them first and tell that you're coming from Karolina and Abel and that you request sweat and ripe fruit. Because  you can as well be surprised by acidic varieties...


EXOTIC Fruit box from Malaga Spain

shipped to all EU countries

Very good papayas and outstanding avocado year round, but first of all ripe mangoes from August to January and wonderful cherimoyas from January to April as well as some other fruit according to season.

5% reduction code available soon!

Visit: Exotic Fruit Box


Exotic Fruit from Réunion Island:

C'est chez Colis-Indigo

You can get 10% off and you will be able to choose your produce if you call them at (ask for Laurent and tell that you're calling on behalf of Karolina and Abel)


"Super-foods" we like


I found maca powder especially helpful for balancing women hormones. I love a true maca from Peru. Either red or yellow maca is amazing for women. You can get it easily, but I love this brand:

The Maca Team



We love this supplement that helps to maintain an excellent mineral balance. It strengthen the hair and nails as well as maintains teeth and skin health. We highly recommend to add 1tsp of this powder to your smoothies daily.

You can get a pure (100% juice) raw and organic product here:

Barley Grass Juice Powder


Sometimes I like to add some vanilla drops to my smoothies, banana ice-creams or even to my orange juice. I really appreciate the following products:

Stevia Vanilla Drops



Fresh dates

Coming soon...


We are absolutely not fans of supplements but of a holistic healthy approach to life, but sometimes some kind of supplement can help to correct the situations you can correct by diet (like a lack of sun...). Please explore:

VITAMIN B12 Methylcobalamine

I use this product raw and vegan: Garden of life B12 spray


During the whole winter time I take vitamin D3 in small doses (once a week or so). I found that it helps us being more energetic and our teeth are stronger as well.

I like it raw and vegan D3: Spray or Capsules


I don't use kelp very often just a dash once or twice every couple of weeks as it's VERY high in iodine. We also love nori sheets that we enjoy once or twice a week for the taste but also for some iodine boost.

Kelp powder

Vitamins for children and babies 

Check the following products:

For Babies it's better to supplement mother if needed - Excellent Prenatal Formula

Vitamin formula for kids 4 years and older