Raw Food Diet

A Raw Vegan Diet (80/10/10 style) that we practice is a low fat high fruit approach.

We tried many paths while discovering the right way of eating raw. We tried a lot of juicing, high fat diet, Dr. Cousens approach, lot's of greens... to finally find out that high fruit and low fat diet rich in greens gives us and our clients the best results.

A diet based on fruit releases a tremendous healing power for your cells. But eating fruit is much more than just a physical thriving...

Throughout the history, fruit was always a symbol of a long life and health, fertility and sensuality, wealth and prosperity, youth as well as wisdom and of course of Paradise. Eating fruit carries all those messages to your cells. You're re-informing your whole body with a new paradigm. Following a fruit based diet, not only your body will thrive but also your life will take a new form.

You will experience better emotional strength and stability, You will be more conscious and aware, more flexible and open, more creative and joyful... You will find the power to make your dreams become true...

That's what we experienced and hundreds of others who follow a raw vegan fruit based diet throughout the planet.

Are you ready for change?

Live your life the sweet way...



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