Genesa Crystal

Genesa Crystal is a Geometric Sacred Form that helps us thrive in our life in many different ways. It's perfect shape that appears naturally in living cells is a very powerful Energy Vortex.

Genesa Crystal attracts Universal Energy to diffuse it to everybody in it's proximity. as well as cleans and amplifies the present energies.

Genesa Crystal Sacred Form is a very powerful tool!

IT has many different actions:

  • First of all it balances, pacifies and repairs relationships with others. It can be placed at home or at work, or even in the Nature (garden, fruit yard, plantation...), every living creature will start to cooperate with others instead of pushing against... People start to look at each other differently, becoming aware of the value of other person in their own life... Egos step back, peaceful dialogue and cooperation take their place.
  • Genesa Crystal is a source of loving and kind energy that will always inspire us to take the best decisions for us, for our bodies, for our future. In the result, eating habits, living patterns, relationships, job, etc. will evolve to serve us better
  • Genesa Crystal is also a powerful vortex to manifest our desires. A piece of paper with our demand (positively formulated) can be put inside to attract more energy to the perfect manifestation of this project (it's not always according to our plan but that of the Universe )
  • It harmonises the energies of our environment, it's protects us from negative waveforms, stagnant energies, thought forms, etc.  It is also a powerful Feng Shui tool.

Genesas Crystal that Abel creates are made from pure very high quality Copper. They energy is powerful and unique. The process of creating a Genesa Crystal engages a lot of time and energy, that's why it can take between 5 to 15 days before your master piece will be finally ready to be shipped to you. Please be patient! We are doing our best that your unique piece was perfectly active and powerful.

We offer 2 dimensions: 25 and 32cm of diameter.

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What others say about Genesa Crystal?


"Hello Karolina & Abel


Abel, I'm really taking care of my Genesa, who is so wonderful boosting my life and all my projects. And the results are not waiting... It's fascinating...

I hope that your projects are also blooming like mines...


Have a wonderful spring time