Transformation Program

What is Sacred Raw Food Transformation Program

During the last Food Revolution Summit (2016) Dr Michael Greger clearly stated that the first cause of mortality is the food we eat... But the food we eat can also be your best remedy for all kinds of health conditions! He stressed clearly that EVERY fruit and vegetable is a miracle food! 

Our cells are made from what we eat and of course from what we think and feel. Every health condition can be healed or at least highly improved by the food we chose to put in our mouth. Science knows that today! Why so few people are making radical diet changes? Because of  their habits, emotional strugglings and above all of their food addictions that they are not even aware of...

It was not easy, many years ago, to embark on such an uncommon journey of dietary change, but we did it!I was certified acupuncture therapist, ayurvedic nutrition coach and Abel was ayurvedic massage practitioner (he still practices). For us Low Fat Raw Vegan Lifestyle was opposite of everything we learned and believed... But it seemed totally logic at the same time...

And results were so stunning that we never looked back! Our bodies healed by themselves, our fertility has highly improved, the quality of our life is much much better!

Before I, Karolina, was already vegetarian, but still struggled with amenorrhoea, severe Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, Hypoglycaemia... and much more... All of this conditions naturally disappeared after just a few months on a raw vegan fruit based diet. I was astonished and very thrilled at the same time!

Abel, had severe sleeping problems, stomach acidity, that burned him every night, huge fatigue... All of this conditions have completely disappeared either...

Since then we've been studying literally everything about a raw food diet available on the earth... And our experience us raw foodists as well as therapists and Holistic Health Coaches is rich and versatile.

Today we offer you an opportunity to experiment a tremendous change and a radical improvement in your life. Vegan plant based diet Raw or Highly Raw saved and improved lives of thousands of people around the globe. Why wouldn't you try by yourself?

We will help you transition to a Raw or High Raw Low Fat and Vegan lifestyle step by step, being present all the time, that you could thrive on that path and enjoy every delicious bite of this journey.

What will you experience?

A huge change in you well-being!

You will be guided to progressively replace the food you eat by the delicious raw vegan meals that will blow your mind and your taste buds!

You will feel your body become clean and beautiful, your health conditions will improve naturally (this program doesn't replace medical assistance, take your doctor's advice before any dietary change!).

We will flood your cells with nutrient dense foods: whole fruit, abundance of greens, vegetables, and some healthy fats like nuts, seeds, avocado... etc.

You will feel the difference!

We are here to guide you daily, in a very personalise way. It's not the program that is the same for everybody. We will establish your individualised Transformation Program after the first consultation especially for you!

We will answer your questions, we will be there to supervise your recipes and be sure that you're doing everything correct.

Give this diet a chance even for a month and you will see the difference!!!

What will you get on Transformation Program

What will you get?

  • a deep analyse of your current eating and life style habits
  • a personal diet plan
  • a holistic support from 2 therapists (!) during all the time we will work together!
  • tricks and tips how to improve your life, your health, your shape or your emotions on daily basis!
  • 2 consultations of 1h30 per month (5 in total) via skype or telephone (total: 600€)
  • email support during 10 weeks (100€per week)
  • personalised program with recipes (value 100€)
  • FREE recipe ebook and meal plan created specially for you! (value 100€)

TOTAL: more than 1800 €


But your program is at a reduced PRICE just FOR YOU!

I get My "Transformation" Program NOW !


You're not sure you will like it?

Email us and we will discuss it together!