Sacred Raw Food Coaching


Whether you want a solution to regain health, find energy to enjoy life or you're looking for emotional balance and mental strength...

Raw Vegan Low Fat Diet can help you tremendously!

Whether you're on a SAD, Vegan or a Raw Diet, we want to help you make a HUGE step forward to significantly improve your life.


We have more than 10 years (each of us) of experience on a Low Fat Raw Vegan Diet and more than 20 years of practice as Holistic Therapists. We studied nutrition for many many years now and our goal always was to find a solid ground for our own life and for our practice with clients. Our experience is very rich and versatile. We have many methods and solutions to chose from to adapt our coaching technique for you that you could feel a real change in your life in just a few sessions!

Change your LIFE with us today!


 We offer your 2 different options:


30 min. Question-Answer Session

During this session we will answer all your questions about food, diet, nutrition, your personal struggles...

We will help you to see clearly in a flood of information about a healthy diet available on the internet now.

We are here to help you get your answers now!

1h30 one to one Coaching Session

This is a full time consultation to help you make a HUGE STEP FORWARD to a healthy and balanced plant based diet.

This is also a great opportunity for you to move at your own pace without any long term engagement.

We are here to HELP YOU!

10 week Transformation Program