Banana Island with Karolina and Abel

Have you ever visited a Banana Island? No? I invite you to do so!

What was our experience?

When I first went on a Banana Island for a week I was scared and thrilled at the same time. I was asking myself how I will manage to eat only bananas and greens... Wouldn't I be bored, frustrated, fed up with all that? Would just bananas give me the results I'm looking for?

I was surprised! I experienced a wonderful, delicious, peaceful and powerful time. Banana Island not just simplified my life but also gave me energy that I've never experienced before, and I'm an experienced raw foodist! I felt such an emotional power and inner peace that I was able to accomplish some unfinished projects that waited behind me... My skin was so smooth, my digestion was silent and very efficient and my taste buds adjusted to even more natural sensations... It was just extremely beneficial to my body, mind and spirit... Abel just loves bananas islands as well, he is so vibrant, so creative, so powerful at that times that I'm totally impressed. He is doing banana islands regularly from 2-3 day to 2 week periods. It's an expert today :).

Why bananas?

You could chose other type of fruit to be a centre of your mono-island cure, but bananas are very special for many reasons.

Benefits of Bananas:

  • they are relatively cheap and available to everyone year round
  • they are satisfying and will leave you well nourished
  • they are very easy to digest, their fibre is particularly gentle for your gut soothing and are healing it at the same time
  • Bananas are very soothing to the emotional system, they can heal many emotional wounds from your past, from your childhood, from your current living... It's like  nurturing and soothing Gaja breast milk for humans that will help you overcome your emotional struggles...
  • They are sweat and tasty with a mild taste that will give a break to your taste buds and help them to adjust to more natural tastes and food choices.
  • Bananas help with weight loss, detox and healing of entire body...
  • They stimulate joy hormones making you just happy and very positive...

What will you experience?

  • Physical detox and healing
  • Weight loss
  • Emotional healing, balance, and stability
  • Mental focus and power
  • Powerful Taste Buds adjustment that will enable you to make healthy food choices after the cure
  • Power to quit your negative physical and emotional habits
  • Improve your diet significantly
  • Switch to an all raw diet afterwords if you wish
  • Freedom from meal preparing and planning... so... Lots of free time!
  • Our individual support, presence and guidance one to one by email
  • and many more....

Banana Island is a very special "retreat" that can shake many hidden emotions inside you and bring them back to the surface to finally leave you free from them... That's why we chose to be there for you every single moment during that wonderful but sometimes challenging time...

Since we are supervising Banana Island with French clients, we are aware that technically you can make some mistakes: not eat enough, eat too much, not getting enough greens, etc...

That's why we crated an ebook guide with more than 15 recipes that will help you to achieve your goals.

But to give you even more, we will communicate daily with you via email,  correcting errors, giving our guidance, answer your questions and help you to overcome emotional struggles and fears...

We are here for you! Go banana Island with us!


What will you get?

  • a complete guide "Banana Island" with it's 15 unique banana recipes (PDF)
  • Shopping list for 7 days (you can use the same for the second week)
  • Our daily mailing support for all the time of your Banana Island
  • Our emotional Holistic Support and Supervision

We are offering this unique opportunity for a very small price, only for really motivated people that want to bring a real change to their life.

Please email us and tell us what is your motivation for doing a Banana Island. Then we will schedule the first day of your Banana Island together.

Grab your Chance!

You can choose 7 day

or for best results a 14 day Banana Island with Karolina and Abel

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