06. février 2018
We are testing Super Angel juicer and comparing it to our favourite Solostar 4 from Tribest. We are making carrot juice with you and discovering together the results. We share our independent and honest review with you.

20. janvier 2018
As a raw vegan mum of a little one of a 1 year old, I wanted to create a cake for Christmas that she could share with us too. Here is the recipe!

20. décembre 2017
Let's meet a raw vegan family via Youtube channel! Let's join us to share a raw vegan family living with us!

09. mai 2016
Hi Everybody, Today I take some of my morning time to share a one of my smoothie recipes (I take at least 3 banana smoothies per day). If you have a chance to go to Nature and forage some wild greens to put them into your smoothies, do it! Just be careful to choose some mild tasting and above all edible greens. Your smoothie, even if wild, should always be a pleasure to drink! But voilà, my Recipe:

30. avril 2016
It's almost first may... We still have some morning frostings this year... But hopefully sun is back there :) What I ate today? Raw Vegan and Low Fat? Please join me at the table :) In the morning I drunk 600ml of warm water. Then before my elliptical bike session, I made some green juice for both of us. I'm not absolutely juice person, we found that whole food is always better, but at this time of a year we have lots of greens on the market: carrot tops, kohlrabi leaves, beetroot greens,...

04. avril 2016
As you probably already know, we are on a raw vegan and mostly fruitarian diet. However there is not so much variety of fruit in early spring and early summer period which makes me develop more creativity having almost the same fruit every day. So at the moment we have bananas from our local organic store and oranges that I ordered from Spain. Occasionally we get a few mangoes or papayas or longans from an Asian store, tropical fruit here is very expensive so it's just a treat for us. This week...

23. mars 2016
Welcome to our new blog. We are therapists and raw vegan low fat diet enthusiasts since more than 10 years now. Here we will share our experience, our recipes, our knowledge about health and raw vegan low fat diet as well as our holistic approach to life. Have a sweet sacred life with us! Karolina and Abel