Which one is better? Solostar 4 or Super Angel juicer? Carrot juice test and our honest review.

Today we are testing a new juicer in our Raw Vegan Kitchen - Super Angel 8500S. We'e testing appliance for a raw food cuisine since years and we have a lot of experience in it. Up for now our best juicer is Solostar 4 from Tribest giving a clean fibre free juice and a great yield, it's the best single auger juicer for greens.

The Force Ultra Nature company from France send us the Angel juicer for 1 month to test it and give our review. We share our experience not only on our French blog and channel, but with you guys too. Is this extremely expensive juicer worth it's price?

It's sure, materials used are of a great quality - only a stainless steel is used for his handmade production. His powerful 3HP motor is an exception in the juice world. His twin gear system is able to grind the food very finely, much more fine than any other juicer, that's why he is able to get a far more nutrients and much more juice in comparison to others. But is the difference so significant? Let's discover it together in our kitchen making carrot juice with Solostar 4 and Angel juicer at the same time:

Angel juicer is in our kitchen since more than a week now. I've been doing juices every single morning for our Raw Family. Abel loves them, my 13 months old little one loves them tremendously and is drinking much more juice than ever before (green or orange juice), as if she knew exactly how much nutrition is in there. I can say just a one thing - it's worth every penny you will spend on it... It's an amazing machine! If you are juicing on regular basis and are very conscious about your nutrition as we are, eyes closed you can invest in this juicer right away!

However, it's not a self-feeding juicer and it takes a bit more time to make the juice, but the cleaning is still quick and simple and the yield is fabulous.

Now I just need to save some money to get it for us too...


I hope you enjoy our review. What is the juicer you're using in your kitchen?

Your comments are welcome!


See you soon


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